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Welcome to our store. Here you can obtain a variety of medicinal products without prescriptions. All the descriptions on this site are composed by medical doctors of different specifications. The information presented by the doctors is formatted so that you will get all the important information in easy to read descriptions. However, the most important thing is that we can deliver around the world to the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and all other countries. If you wish to purchase medicine not listed at our website please start your search by sending in the information to pharmday10@gmail.com
We ship our products from warehouses located in different countries around the world. However most of our medications are shipped from former USSR area. We use air mail delivery and it takes from 1-3 weeks to any country. Delivery is only $10 worldwide!
No prescription needed to purchase with us because of we ship our medications from countries where prescriptions are not required for drugs listed at our site.
We accept PayPal,Western Union,and other payment methods!

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